My mind seems to be going a million miles an hour! I took a lot of notes, and like the content that was delivered. I believe that I find myself personally being in the Statesperson phase. I can remember a time when I was in the Warrior phase. Conscious Contact seems to happen to me all the time! I like what you said about the “gift of life is in the struggle”. So true! Very powerful stuff.— Cheryl B.


I have been attending the conference calls for three weeks and I have seen a dramatic change in my life and thought process after just these few calls.— Shelly-Ann G.


Providing no-nonsense tips and reality checks, the Inner Voice delivers its promise to help unlock your purpose and passion. If you want to love what you do for work, take the advise in the Inner Voice, implement it, and before you know it you will be living your passion. Five stars for providing an easy-to-use guide for anyone to use.— Ben L.


The Inner Voice makes sense. Previously I referred to it as my conscience, as my Inner Voice would dictate my actions. I use it as the angel and devil on my shoulders. Once you are made aware of the Inner Voice, you can learn more about yourself. It will help you to understand your thought process and behavior patterns. This book has suddenly become one of my prize possessions. I intend to purchase this for everyone I care about.— Marty S.


It’s amazing hearing Russ’ journey to find his Inner Voice! I continually felt inspired by his heartfelt stories and I am thankful to use his new process to help reach my passions in life. There is no bigger expert on helping you find your passion than Russ Whitney.— Lisa F.


I can relate to the four phases discussed in the Inner Voice. I feel I am smack in the middle of the Warrior phase. Every single day is a battle! I often forget how much more a Statesperson can accomplish, with lots less stress. This book is a great reminder to listen to your Inner Voice.— Brian B.


I understand how I use to be in the Athlete phase as all I cared about was looking my best and achieving my best. I’m older now, I no longer can be concerned solely on my physical appearance, and I am fighting my way through the Warrior phase. I am trying to establish myself so I can live a prosperous life. Reflecting back, I was often totally self-absorbed. The fear that if I were to act as a Statesperson or pursue a spiritual journey I would not test my personal limits was, in fact, limiting me more than just listening to my Inner Voice. This remarkable book should be required reading for anyone who wants to get ahead.— Lt. Colonel Ed S.


I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of calling Russ Whitney, my mentor when I first got into Real Estate investing in 1999.
He initially helped me reach financial independence through his Real Estate teachings, but now he’s much wiser and deeper with his “INNER VOICE.”

This time around his message is life enhancing, more meaningful and purposeful. The whole world knows him as this hard hitting Real Estate guru, but now they’ll discover the much wiser and deeper and zen-like Russ whose advice will bring more joy, hope and inner happiness far beyond just financial enrichment. Besides helping me and profoundly impacting my life, he has also helped many of my Winners’ Circle Mastermind members change their lives in a very short period of time.— Roger S.


I just wanted to thank you for all the inner voice support and help that you have given me. I have learned many strategiesnicole_250 from this journey and have used them in my life repeatedly. After I was first exposed to your program my life has changed considerably. For years, I struggled with creating a successful relationship. I had one failed relationship after another. The skills that I learned from your program helped me get engaged and have a very healthy, happy, marriage that I’m grateful for every day of my life.
This program can be used in all aspects of someone’s life. I have used it to resolve conflicts and to help alleviate unwanted stress.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to change his or her life to be healthy and happier. I felt such a weight lifted while doing this program and discovered what is truly holding me back from accomplishing what I wanted.— Nicole F.